Seahorse SE520 Protective Case without Foam (Yellow) ~ Seahorse


Seahorse SE520 Protective Case without Foam (Yellow)

Brand Seahorse
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  • Seahorse Exterior Dimensions: 15.27" x 12.13" x 6.69" - Interior Dimensions: 13.50" x 9.80" x 6.00". Case weight: 5.15 lbs.
  • Watertight, Airtight and Crush Resistant protection for your valuables.
  • Customize your internal space to fit snugly around your items with the Optional pre-scored Accuform Foam. FOAM NOT INCLUDED
  • Proudly Made in America with Lifetime Guarantee
Seahorse Protective Cases keep your valuable equipment safe. Close and latch your Seahorse case to automatically safely seal your gear against water, air and dust. Its tough. With Acuform foam or dividers, it will keep your camera, video or high cost equipment safe from impact, providing safe, secure protection from the elements. Built-in padlock holes give extra safety. Seahorse optional locking latches give added security and keeps out prying hands. Seahorse Graphic Tech series features high tech graphics that Improve the appeal of the cases while offering the same legendary performance and protection of the basic Seahorse cases.